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A well prepared proposal will significantly reduce the effort and increasing the effectiveness of your sales activities.

This framework is a great tool for building, refining and optimising this crucial component of your agency sales efforts.

Crema Business, led by Evan Rubenstein, is a community, tools and resources for ambitious agency owners. If you are working on the growth of your agency, then one of our programs is for you.


Timing the next employee hire for your growing agency

Agency scaling requires an industrial grade client acquisition capability

Turn your sales process into a sales system

Agency scaling

The Three Agency Scaling Imperatives


Dion Wise

‘Evan was instrumental in the successful growth of Lemonade. His knowledge is vast. Evan’s value is not just in the good decisions he helps you make, but also avoiding the pitfalls of business growth that we have seen bring others undone. If you are after a business coach, look no further.’

Dion Wise
Managing Director,Lemonade
Tim Fouhy

‘Evan Rubenstein truly walks-the-talk and has helped our business produce results that frankly, we didn’t think we were capable of achieving…. Our team of 10 has grown to 40 with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London.’

Tim Fouhy
Managing Director, Reactive Media


Creative, Marketing and Agency business growth is the core focus of CREMA Business. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience we’ve gained, successfully working with agencies in every marketing and technical discipline over many years.

Our programs combine practical agency business know-how, community energy and effective execution cadence to keep participants engaged, motivated and moving so that they speedily achieve their goals. Video-conference and online facilitation of programs make them convenient and easily accessible to participants all over the world. 

Crema Business offers two programs aimed at agency owners at different stages of their business journey:

  • Scale Your Agency: for established agencies looking to accelerate their growth and scale
  • 1:1 Agency Direct: for agency owners who prefer a personal approach or who have specific challenges or prefer a closed group of their own people

Our expertise is focussed on the strategic issue of making your agency a strong, sustainable and valuable business. This means developing effective management, marketing, sales and operational functions within a strong team driven environment. 

Our method is to educate, motivate and support agency owners and leadership, so that they gain the power to make the changes and progress required to achieve what they may otherwise struggle to do on their own.