Are You Happy With Your Agency's Progress?

Looking for some guidance and help to achieve your profitability and growth goals? That's what CREMA Business can help you with.


We can help if…

  • You are ready to grow and scale your agency and want to avoid mistakes and frustration
  • You are unsure of the best way forward for your agency and need to confirm your ideas or plans
  • Your agency needs effective client acquisition
  • You need a step by step plan so that you can confidently achieve your business goals
  • You are thinking of selling and want to maximise your valuation
  • Your business is not making the kind of money it should

You want to be as successful as you can be in your own agency. That means making the most of your opportunities, avoiding mistakes and using the best practises and systems possible.

Here’s where you can get specific advice, support and access to the knowledge you will need to make you agency super successful, first time. All this on a personalised basis, subject to your goals and your timeframe.

With over 15 years experience advising and coaching agencies, we have helped a significant number of clients to achieve remarkable results.

‘Evan Rubenstein truly walks-the-talk and has helped our business produce results that frankly, we didn’t think we were capable of achieving…. Our team of 10 has grown to 40 with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London.’

Tim Fouhy
Managing Director, Reactive Media
Tim Fouhy

How can CREMA Business help you and your agency?

Our core expertise lies in helping agencies manage and scale effectively. We help you in this pursuit by focusing on these key aspects:

Achieve Your goals

Unsure about how to move forward? Planning advice will make the path really clear so that you can confidently achieve.

Optimise Your Agency

This is where we help you tap into the profits hidden in plain sight. Use best practices to increase your efficiency, maximise profits and build your agency’s value.

Client Acquisition and Monetisation

Invest in an industrial strength client acquisition and retention system. You will never, ever look back. This is the key to your growth and  stress minimisation in your business.

Build Your team

Your team will be key to your growth. We can help you with the leadership skills and processes you need to to attract, recruit and  engage the right team members to help you achieve your business goals.

‘Evan was instrumental in the successful growth of Lemonade. His knowledge is vast. Evan’s value is not just in the good decisions he helps you make, but also avoiding the pitfalls of business growth that we have seen bring others undone. If you are after a business coach, look no further.’

Dion Wise
Managing Director,Lemonade
Dion Wise

What options do I have for working with CREMA Business?

Keen to find out how you can engage? There are four specific service offerings detailed below.

Strategic Planning Workshop

Need to get your firm’s go to market strategy worked out?


Need to rethink your operations, organisation structure etc.?


A strategic planning workshop will help you work out how to move forward with clarity and confidence, and align you and your team.

Business and Executive Coaching

Need knowledge, advice , collaboration and external accountability to move things forward apace?


Business coaching is acknowledged as the best method for mobilising business leaders,  generating momentum and producing sustainable results.

Agency Analysis

Not happy with how your firm is performing?


Can’t put your finger on what’s holding it back?


The Agency Analysis includes an in-depth report on the state of your business and presents you with a set of core recommendations for improvement.

Consulting and Advice

Need to get some straight, unbiased feedback or insight on some specific issues of concern or opportunity you are considering?


We are happy to address any specific aspect of agency ownership, management or operations or any other topic.


We will quickly cut to the chase and give you the insights and advice that will help you to move forward.

Not sure what would be best for your agency? Lets talk. Take advantage of our conf‌idential, no-cost, no-obligation Q&A conversation so we can see if there is a f‌it.