About CREMA Business and Evan Rubenstein

Creative, marketing and agency businesses are the core focus of CREMA Business.

With over 30 years of frontline business experience, Evan Rubenstein is an accomplished and experienced profit and growth strategist, business and executive coach.

Evan stands out amongst his peers in terms of his extensive business experience at the highest levels, as well as having a long list of exemplary and outstanding client successes.

Evan is a pragmatic, commercially minded businessman. In his own right he has had rich experience in all aspects of business investing, ownership, management and leadership.

Evan Rubenstein

In the corporate world, Evan was MD of an operating division for a significant multi-national business for over 10 years. He has had 3 of his own startups, one of which was listed on the ASX and subsequently sold, and he has bought, built and sold three other businesses on his own account.

His clients are able to leverage a wealth of business knowledge and experience to their great advantage as well as take advantage of his business and executive coaching skills an aspect that he is especially passionate about.

Having had some significant successes in the Agency and Martech business space, Evan has built a solid reputation in these markets. He has worked with a number of well-known agencies in Australia as well as helping many smaller agencies to make significant strides and progress.

7 Reasons why working with CREMA Business will work for you

  1. Unparalleled experience in the agency sector. You get the benefit of well-tried and tested insights, strategies and systems saving you time and effort.
  2. Low risk. With 18 years of outstanding client results, you know that you have the best fit  
  3. Confident mentoring. You can relax in the knowledge that you will get calm, well reasoned input, feedback and support from someone who has walked a similar path and understands.
  4. A student of success psychology. We gain a clear understanding your abilities, your fears, your strengths and weaknesses and we use all this to get you beyond your performance plateau to achieve your most ambitious goals
  5. Maximise your team. Our unique Team Transformation process will re-energise, motivate and supercharge your current team helping you to rapidly move forward
  6. No bullshit. We will give it to you straight and we won’t waste time. You’re on a mission and we want you to succeed.
  7. Make faster progress. With all the above you will make the fastest progress possible with CREMA Business as a true partner on your journey to success.