Agency Efficiency

Agency efficiency is crucial to profitability and growth and it relates to productivity and systems. So how efficient could your agency be; what are the profit possibilities?

The answer is invariably “much more than you would have thought”. (You can do a quick performance analysis here)

Many agencies are constantly having to deal with issues like quoting errors, scope creep, rework, unfulfilled client expectations, missed deadlines and even contractual blunders.  These issues are quite often ‘baked-in’ to the way the business operates and consequently put healthy profit margins permanently out of reach.

It is not uncommon for the owners of agencies in this situation to have periods of great stress.

It is also not uncommon for some agencies to be either unaware of the profit normalisation opportunities hidden in plan sight or to have the know-how to permanently deal with these.

An agency efficiency exercise

  • requires relatively little financial investment to realise good results
  • greatly reduces the need to acquire additional customers
  • puts additional income in the pockets of the owners

For over 15 years, we have been helping agencies to:

  • Quickly identify inefficiencies that are often overlooked
  • Apply ‘best practises’ techniques and systems to streamline  operations
  • Implement robust and watertight systems
  • Introduce new leadership and management initiatives that produce a productivity culture transformation

If you were to go ahead and optimise your agency’s efficiency,  you would achieve

  • an end to profit sapping cost of sale write-off’s
  • peace of mind derived from consistent project profitability
  • a healthy bottom line and a basis for growing the business
  • vastly reduced stress levels
  • a strong culture of cooperative teamwork, that will help to attract the very best talent

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