Whats our agency performance potential?

Agency performance is directly correlated with its earnings potential, so if you increase your agencies performance, you’ll be making more money. This is not about creativity, quality of work, innovation or anything that makes your firm special. It’s all about how good an operational business you have and how you can maximise earnings.

To check if your agencies operational performance is the best it could be, complete the form alongside.
Please note: To take into account the various on-charges and services that you do not directly provide that are typically present in agency billings, we use Gross Profit (also known as Adjusted Gross Income) rather than revenues, to base our calculations on. Make sure you have access to your real figures before commencing.
The results you will get are approximate and serves to illustrate ‘typical potential’ based on industry averages.

What can you learn from your agency performance results?

If your results indicate any under-performance, these are the implications:

  • It is difficult to grow an under-performing agency. You need high performance horsepower to give you the confidence and capacity to take on business growth activities. Without it, your growth prospects are limited.
  • Agency under performance is correlated with leadership and management ability at a business level. Unless addressed, your firm may never get the opportunity to do the great work it is capable of. Great work begets more great work and growth  will result.
  • If you have been going for a while and your results in this evaluation are disappointing to you, understand that to get better results, new and better actions in your business are required. If you think you know what you have to do, then you should be asking why you are still getting the results you are getting?

Your options?: