Client Acquisition

'Client Acquisition is to your business, what petrol is to your car'

Client Acquisition is a business’s growth lifeblood. It is to your agency what petrol is to your car. Whilst there are many other important elements to a successful agency, client acquisition is central to long term success.

The key difference between small agencies and large ones is not the quality of the work or their capabilities, but the sophistication of their business operation, and specifically their ability to win the amount of business they need.

In smaller agencies that do not have the proper structures in place, most if not all of the new business responsibility generally falls on the shoulders of the owner. With all their other responsibilities, new business simply cannot enjoy sufficient attention for the business to achieve predictable and sustainable growth.

What impact will a good client acquisition operation have on your agency?

It will have a profound effect on:

  • Your agency’s growth potential
  • The owner’s ability to focus on other vital areas in the business
  • Having sufficient confidence to hire great people so that you can win more better quality work
  • Stabilising cash flow and reducing the owners stress
  • Predictable long-term business outcomes

Investing in an ‘industrial strength’ client acquisition operation will be something you never look back on.

In terms of what we do to help our clients grow their businesses, this is invariably the most impactful development in their business’s history.

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