Client Retention

'Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves' - Steve Jobs

Good client retention is a bedrock issue for highly successful agencies. From a business model standpoint, achieving your revenue objectives through ongoing or repeating transactions with existing clients is far more beneficial than relying on a constant stream of short-lived, new business.

Retaining your clients relies on you building a strong, synergistic relationship with your clients, where there is clear value . This will then make a big difference to:

  • client loyalty
  • maximising client lifetime value
  • referrals into other organisations
  • entrée to bigger projects

If you look around at highly successful agencies, ongoing repeat business is a pillar of their businesses. It provides a solid platform for growth, provides for dependable business continuity and security and makes the business a lot more attractive to potential acquirers.

Effective client retention is a multi-function exercise that encompasses:

  • A well developed and systematic understanding of client relationship drivers and a clear retention doctrine
  • A strong internal client advocacy ethos
  • Careful recruiting and effective training
  • Well developed systems for
    • creating ‘WOW’ factor inputs
    • anticipating client requirements and offering creative solutions
    • keeping clients happy and of course,
    • Successfully dealing with any unhappy client

For over 15 years we have helped our clients overcome their retention challenges and fast track world class client retention functions in their businesses.

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