About Evan Rubenstein

‘Working hard on a poor strategy is stupid!’

Evan Rubenstein is a master at helping you get really clear on what the right strategy is for you and your business. With over 30 years of front-line business leadership experience, Evan is an accomplished business growth strategist, business and executive coach.

Business Experience:

  • 9 Years as Group Managing Director of Lattice Technologies Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dimension Data Ltd
  • 2 Years as founder, CEO and Managing Director of ASX listed Select-Tel Ltd
  • 4 Years as owner of two commercial window tinting franchises in Melbourne
  • 12 years as owner of brideonline.com.au, a portal site and web agency in the wedding industry
Evan Rubenstein
Evan Rubenstein

Coaching Experience

With 16 years coaching experience covering over 150 clients, Evan has built a solid reputation for helping his clients deliver sustained growth and profits, substantial increases in company value along with significant lifestyle improvements.

Having had some significant successes in the Agency and Tech business space, Evan has become quite well known in these markets. He has worked with a number of top tier agencies as well as helping many smaller agencies to make significant strides and progress.

Evan has always viewed his Business Coaching as a “calling”.  His passion is derived from the benefits of being personally mentored at different points of his business career. He continuously works on his knowledge and skills and is an avid reader and student of business success.


As a follower of Jack Welch, the ex CEO of General Electric, Evan is a strong believer in candour, openness and direct action. He is open and honest in his dealings with his clients, vigorously moving them forward through their plan for achieving their goals.

Evan has a knack for making the complex simple whilst at the same time keeping focused on important detail.

Signature Expertise

  • Business strategy and business model development
  • Leadership development and team building
  • Client acquisition, sales management and ‘Sales Process Engineering’
  • Recruitment, remuneration strategies and performance management
  • Business Development
  • Marketing management
  • Organisational design
  • Financial Management
  • Business Information Systems and Telecommunications Technology
  • Software development management
  • Business Administration
  • Business Systemisation and Business Automation
Arlene Issacs

‘If you are considering a business coach and you are lucky enough to get Evan Rubenstein, fasten your seatbelt!’

Arlene Isaacs, Managing Director, INFO-MED Australia Pty Ltd