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How to Win Big Clients for your Marketing Agency

It’s challenging to win big clients for your marketing agency. Sometimes, in order to win the agency clients you really want you have to be strategic and. it’s not just a matter of having good sales systems. By playing a smart game, you can land really big fish without the effort and cost most go through.

As you put your agency on a growth trajectory, you will naturally want to win an increasing number of AAA grade clients signed up for your 100 proof, top of the line offering. Unless you have special voodoo or friends in high places, it’s probable that you will burn a lot of time and effort over a long period developing a solution and writing a proposal, in your effort to make a sale. You may end up doing a lot of work and never earning a cent. A few things can happen here: the prospect goes with someone else or gets cold feet or just never give you an answer.  Trying to win big clients for your marketing agency is a really high stakes game where you could come up against some pretty abhorrent prospect behaviour.

There are several ways that you can avoid this type of pitch selling and it should be strictly avoided. But it occurs commonly and its highly likely that at some point you will be faced with it.

Here’s a nifty but sound strategy that will open up great opportunities to sell high end solutions without having to put your agency through this.

You see, while you are very interested in selling a big solution, the client is often not really interested in all of that at that time. They usually have a specific problem that you can solve for them right then and there. So it’s a good strategy to distil something that you are good at into a straightforward solution to a specific problem and package it up so that it becomes a clear and easy, no-brainer purchase for the client. In this way you can get a foot in the door at a price that doesn’t frighten them off.

What you are in fact doing is selling a solution that doesn’t need any strategy work, so it’s much more affordable for them and more profitable for you. Once you’re in the door as a provider, you will be able to position your firm, build the relationships and drive the narrative on a broader basis for upcoming projects, which you will have a much stronger chance of winning as an incumbent provider, and then possibly on to a retainer later on.

And that all there is to it. This has been a winning idea for many of my clients and has led to millions of dollars worth of business,


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