Feel you should be making better business progress with your agency?
➤ Not able to find or win the “A” grade clients that will spur your growth?
➤ Struggling to find and harness “right fit” people?
➤ Too much of the agency responsibility and workload on your shoulders?

These are questions that have to be overcome in order to break-through and make it into the ‘5%’ club.


This  program will massively accelerate your progress by equipping you with the specific business skills you need to build your agency.
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn from the knowledge and experience of others.

In this BRAND NEW Program you will learn and implement

How to zero in on high value, long-term clients opportunities whilst reducing your selling effort

The essential, practical business fundamentals, without which mistakes happen and too much time is wasted

The secrets of a highly productive team that are committed to your business’s success and that work with minimal supervision

How to sell to new prospects with ease, confidence and success and then get them to refer you on

The best way to structure your agency for growth so that it will deliver your business goals and long term financial security

A new way of thinking about and approaching your agency


This 90 Day Program includes

  • The 4 foundation business mastery skills
  • The 4 components of business leverage opportunity matrix
  • The 6 part Core Propositions generation framework and workbook
  • The ‘7 Levers’ agency profitability model. This alone will blow you mind!
  • The full ‘Agency Outcome System’ – the definitive architecture for agency success 
  • The optional ‘Agency Financial Mastery’ self study course (that you can do even after this program ends)
  • A range of other frameworks, worksheets and checklists
  • The opportunity to master each step of the program ready for a ‘Monday morning’ implementation
  • Live coaching meetings (with access to recordings)
  • A Facebook group page for peer interaction and to have your questions answered
  • And much, much more

Are you going to let your agency follow the typical pattern?

Dear Agency Owner,

Here’s the reality of a typical agency:

  • Finding new clients is a constant struggle 
  • There’s not enough free time to focus on important business tasks like strategizing, planning, new business investments, onboarding etc.
  • It’s really hard to get ‘right fit’ staff and keep them. You’re always looking over your shoulder, dreading the next resignation
  • Profits are thin despite the really hard work that goes on
  • Maintaining cash flow is a constant challenge. Some months the owner may not even be able to pay themselves fully
  • Too many clients that are a bad fit for the agency, but you are stuck with them
  • It’s really tough to hit you goals and so progress is slooow!

Maybe this is true for you too?

You’ve been trying to deal with these issues for ages but progress is slow and frustrating. Somehow you just don’t quite get ahead of it. 

So you do what most agency entrepreneurs do…look for another client, get that next project out the door, on and on…

  • You attend another seminar and learn about the latest trends and tech
  • You bring on yet another “C” category client, charging too little and doing more than you should
  • You try another variation of a marketing campaign that just isn’t producing results
  • You listen to more podcast and maybe even read the odd book

But NOTHING happens. NOTHING changes.

Nothing changes because 

Without accountability,  information does not produce results.

Look around you. Are there bigger more successful agencies out there? Of course.

  • They are operating within the same economy as you are
  • They are hiring staff from the same labour pool as you are
  • They are targeting similar businesses to you
  • Some don’t even do the quality of work you do

So then, why is this happening?


The Rusty Tap, the Leaky Bucket and the Vegetable Patch 

Here is an analogy… Let’s say you have a vegetable patch.

You have put a lot of effort into preparing the patch; you prepared the bed, carefully made a selection of vegetables to grow, fertilized the dirt and planted the seeds.

All the patch needs now is regular watering and you will be blessed with an ongoing supply of beautiful, fresh vegetables.

But the bucket you have for carrying water to the vegetable patch has a leak. So you spend your time going back and forth between the rusty tap and the vegetable patch carrying the leaky bucket.

It’s inefficient, high effort and at the end of the day, the vegetables don’t grow as expected. The time, effort and investment looks like it will be a waste.

As the owner of the vegetable patch,you expected it to produce. But for the leaky bucket, it would have. 

So where’s the problem?

The problem is not the tap, it’s not the vegetable patch nor in fact the bucket.

The Real Problem

The problem is that the vegetable patch owner – you, are not applying the correct effort to fix the problem.

It’s obvious to see that the bucket need’s mending, but instead you are running back and forth.

Fix the bucket. Only then will things go the way you had hoped.

In business, things are not as obvious as they are out at the vegetable patch.

Before you do the effort of lugging all that water – focus on fixing the bucket!

So how do you fix the leaky bucket?

Let’s face it, if you knew how to deal with the challenges in front of you, you wouldn’t be reading this. The information below is at the heart of your future success.

The fix requires two steps: knowledge and action

There’s a lot you could do to acquire knowledge. Some would say:

  • Read business books – plenty available for free at public libraries
  • Listen to business podcasts – hundred of podcast to choose from, very convenient and free!
  • Watch video’s etc., etc. – thousand of business related video available for free on YouTube

But somehow you know that is just not going to work. Most of the information they cover is not specific to your business or even applicable to the issues you face. You would have to cover a huge amount of ground to get a few titbits of information relevant to your situation. This is information, not knowledge. So this approach only ranks a 1/10.

You could do a business course. No doubt you could find some that are relevant to your business. This is much better than books, videos and podcasts. You could gain valuable knowledge from studying a course. But taking action is not part of any course, that’s all up to you. And you need knowledge and action. So it gets a 5/10

And then there’s coaching.

For the last 25 years or so, coaching has been acknowledged throughout the business world (and many other disciplines) as the most effective way of educating and mobilising people to take action and produce results that they could often never have achieved on their own. 

In addition to simple knowledge, coaching takes into consideration the coachee’s context, personality type, emotional intelligence and learning style.

Good coaching understands the psychology of achievement and the personal growth requirements of success in business. All this within the context of the challenging real-world environment that business coaching clients operate in.

Apart from knowledge and action it also adds and combines accountability. This trinity of aligned forces that you are then able to bring to bear on your business, is by far the best thing that anyone in business can do for themselves and their business. And the results speak for themselves.

In short, coaching is the most effective success accelerator so far devised!

This 90 – Day Program is designed to help you:

Develop a consistent and productive sales approach

Be an effective agency owner, leader and business person

Understand how to deliver business outcomes through teamwork

Acquire sound agency business knowledge and understand essential success principles

And we achieve this with the following formula:


This helps you to get maximum benefit in a compact and convenient format.
We focus on working with you not just to transfer knowledge, but to help and make sure that you implement and benefit directly.

This is for agency owners who…

      • Have between 4 and 8 people in their team
      • Are frustrated with their hours, their team or the money they are making
      • Are ambitious and want to grow
      • Are not fully confident about their ability to make their agency the business they really want, within a reasonable timeframe
      • Are keen to learn and are prepared to invest in themselves
      • Want to learn in a friendly, cooperative and constructive setting amongst other like minded agency owners

Agency businesses are the perfect entrepreneurial venture for the 21st century. We are at a confluence of:

      • Universal online access
      • Continual and rapid technological advancement
      • Digital transformation that has a long way to go
      • Marketing sophistication and business processes that are often beyond the ability of both new and established business to manage without external help

Being a more effective agency entrepreneur means:


Acquiring more clients is the essential fuel for growth. This ability is central to any growth plan.


Once you master leadership and the management of effective teamwork, you open the door to unrestrained growth and business value creation.


The faster you can execute, the more successful you will be and the money the agency will make.



Increase your big picture awareness and management thinking. Make better decisions and take better actions


A cohesive team gives you the capability to do better client work and materially help your efforts to grow your business


“Knowledge [really] is power”. This, combined with taking action and the accountability that comes with coaching generates results in a short time


New systems will result in better overall capability. This will contribute to your ability to deliver to your clients more cost effectively


Thorough knowledge of sales produces a lower cost per sale and a higher average sale value.  This is the raw ingredient for more profits and more growth


Small improvements across multiple aspects of your business will produce a big impact on your bottom line.

Join at no risk!

If you are not satisfied that this Program will not deliver what you expect, cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund. No question asked.

This Program will be a game changer for you and your agency.
Invest in yourself to create more impact and better results.

The Cost of Not Taking Action

“I’m too busy”

“I don’t have the time”

“I’ll do it later”

“It’s not for me”

“I know what I have to do. Just give me some time”

These are popular excuses to not take action, and they are only as valid as you let them be. The very fact that that you are here reading this is evidence of frustration, unmet ambition and unfulfilled goals. This will not change until you accept that and take action.

The investment required is small compared to the results this Program will put you in a position to achieve.

Investing in yourself on a Program like this will produce a far greater ROI than almost any other form of investment you could possibly make in your business.

There is almost zero risk to you.

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Believe in yourself and take action!

The “Mastering Agency Business” program modules include:


Understanding and applying the success fundamentals in your business.The operational and financial settings required for desired commercial outcomes in an agency business.Defining and plotting your success trajectory.


Defining, deriving and communicating your agency’s true value. The core propositions and criteria that will attract the best employees and clients. Developing a commercially success go-to-market strategy. 

teeter totter


Understanding, appreciating and applying business leverage. Systems and knowledge engineering.


Positioning for maximum client acquisition and retention effectiveness. Defining target market and ideal client, USP and Guarantee. Designing your client life cycle: resources and systems for economic and scalable operation.


Effective selling.Preparation, process, framework, conversation, measuring, improving, DISC


Leadership and working effectively with teams. Systems for motivation, engagement, enrolment,  accountability. Managing the delivery of results through a team.


Your business – an organisation. The ’empire’ framework. Structuring and organising your agency to deliver your goals.

What You Will Get

  • 7 x 90 minute video conference coaching sessions including open Q&A
  • A range of business tools comprising : frameworks, templates, mind-maps and checklists that you will use forever
  • Video recording of all sessions
  • Specific expert advice for your agency
  • Access to the program’s Facebook page to interact with other program  participants and have your specific questions answered

Bonuses to the value of $3,000:

  • Bonus: Agency Recruitment System. This will save you an unbelievable amount of money over time
  • Bonus: Agency Financial Mastery course. Complete training to equip you with the financial knowledge you need to analyse and make sound financial decisions
  • Bonus: A 1 hour 1:1 Agency Review and Strategy session
  • And much, much, more…