Strategic Planning Workshop

Running a regular strategic planning workshop is a core element of any successful agency.

More than anything else, your business strategy will be the biggest determinant of your long term outcomes. No doubt, you already could claim to have a strategy. The question is: does your concept of a strategy meet the mark? Have you exercised sufficient rigour in developing your thinking? Is it properly documented? Has it been properly communicated and is it understood by everyone in your team?

It is common practise in a business, to engage all relevant stakeholders in the process of strategy development under the supervision of an external facilitator. In this way the process can be kept on track and the predefined agenda properly completed to make the exercise a resounding success.

Apart from developing the strategy itself, a professionally run workshop will help align and unite participants, build commitment and accountability.

By conducting a strategic planning workshop, you can expect to get:

  • Clarity on the key drivers of your future business success
  • Fresh thinking on the best ways to maximise your outcomes within a 3-5 year period
  • Applicable initiatives required for critical attention areas
  • Detailed input for more detailed planning

Over the past 15 years we have run scores of workshops, helping our agency clients understand their situation better, and develop strong strategies, often with spectacular results.

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