“Evan was instrumental in the successful growth of Lemonade. His knowledge is vast. Evan’s value is not just in the good decisions he helps you make, but also avoiding the pitfalls of business growth that we have seen bring others undone. If you are after a business coach, look no further.”
Dion Wise

“At the time I met Evan Rubenstein, I was seeking someone who could help me grow my business. Evan turned out to be exactly whom and what I need in a coach and I have great confidence and respect for him. Firstly, Evan’s credentials are impeccable and he is very astute in his approach to business. His advice comes from having years of experience and success in running large listed companies, his own companies across a number of sectors – coupled with his skills as a coach. I can talk to Evan about anything to do with business and he is a prolific reader who keeps me fully conversant with current thinking, research and best practice.

The benefits I have experienced as a result of having Evan as my coach are invaluable….

If you are considering a business coach and you are lucky enough to get Evan Rubenstein, fasten your seatbelt!”
Arlene Isaacs, Managing Director,
INFO-MED Australia Pty Ltd

“Evan Rubenstein truly walks-the-talk and has helped our business produce results that frankly, we didn’t think we were capable of achieving. During the course of our coaching, our team of 10 has grown to 40 with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London. Our revenue has grown by 310% and profit has increased by 185%….
Tim Fouhy,
Reactive Media

“Evan has played a huge part in assisting us in our operations and growth. We’ve expanded our team from 3 to 15, multiplied our revenue five fold and have a large growth agenda that Evan has played an important part in putting together. Evan always has an answer to the specific challenges we face in our business and can guide us in the right direction – often realising we have issues even before we do. Evan is a valuable part of our management team.”
Heath Kilgour & Nathan Isterling,

“Evan has been a great asset to our business and has been fundamental to our growing success. Providing an external independent perspective, he has guided us to make informed strategic decisions about the way we operate, act and plan. After every meeting we walk away with a bit of valuable knowledge or advice that we have applied into real business scenarios that ultimately have made a huge difference to all aspects of our business.

We have exceeded our own expectations in our growth and profitability in the business and look forward to much more”.
Josh Cohen,

“Evan’s excellent experience and guidance have resulted in many positive returns in our business. Our business to business sales are up, we have a real marketing strategy in place, with the collateral and systems to support it, we’re building a team to deliver the work, and best of all our business confidence is up.

Looking back, I was the business and the business was me, covering too many roles, wearing too many hats! Now we have a real business that operates with or without my energy and efforts”
Natasha Dumais,
Magnetic Design