The ‘Outside Eyes’ Agency Business Planning System

A good agency business plan as an essential ingredient for its long term success. Agency owners will often readily admit that planning is not their forte. Put these together and you have a recipe for mediocre outcomes and business frustration right there!

With this in mind, to end up with a proper and worthy agency business plan, you will need to:

  1. Have the discipline to keep focused on the planning effort for the time that it takes to get it finished, without being distracted and losing interest in the face of more exciting projects or more pressing distractions
  2. Get through the thinking with sufficient rigour so that your final plan meets the mark in term s of both quality and quantity.

“I’m too busy to plan!”

Agency owners are often just too busy and too central to the daily operations of the firm to be able to get this done – despite their best intentions. And so the business trundles along month after month, year after year, without proper direction and will likely fail to meet the owner’s objectives and needs.

Without a proper plan, any firm is vulnerable to:

  • A confused ‘go to market’ strategy making client acquisition really hard work  
  • Employees working below capacity or inefficiently
  • Not enough effort in key areas that could otherwise produce better outcomes
  • Unnecessarily high management workload
  • Loss of staff confidence with high rates of attrition
  • A struggle to attract good people

So what’s the solution?

What is needed is a sound outcome driven process that understands the owner’s situation and challenges, but that is sufficiently resilient and pliable to produce the agency business plan in spite of this.

Such a process is the Outside Eyes Agency Business Planning Process.

External facilitation is the key ingredient of the Outside Eyes planning process that reliably produces a high quality output.

The work is divided up into a series of easily manageable sections with clear and thorough background and guideline information provided. Each section is thoroughly explained and all questions are answered before being being worked on. We provide feedback on each section as the work progresses so that nothing is glossed over. The final plan is then brought together and made ready for use.

The plan format has been devised to ensure that it is:

  • Comprehensive and sufficiently detailed without being long winded and/or verbose
  • Clear, succinct and easily communicable
  • Able to be easily updated and/or revised over time or as circumstances change and as such can be used over and over.

If you are anything but crystal clear about how you are going to move your agency forward in pursuit of your goals, the Outside Eyes Agency Business Planning Process is what you have been waiting for.

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